Catering and Partnerships

A Partner
you can Trust

At Juice Blvd, we welcome partnerships with entities to cater for events and festivals. If you are looking for a trusted partner who can provide you with high quality products, preservative free, and pressed to the highest quality standards, then you have found what you are looking for!

At Juice Blvd, we use patented equipment to produce cold pressed juices (without producing any additional heat), maintain the greatest possible nutritional value, and extract juices without insoluble fiber, and only use fresh vegetables and fruits.

Our juices and shots are your ideal choice for your guests, and your clients. Contact us to explore prospects of business cooperation and catering services.

Celebrations and Events

planning a celebration or event, Or even a dinner with loved ones? Juice Blvd is your ideal choice to provide the perfect cold pressed juices and shots corner that suits all preferences, antioxidant, and is high in quality.

JB in your Store

We welcome business partnership opportunities to stock our products in your store. If you would like to display our products in your store, feel free to ask for samples, and we will be happy to serve you.

Entertainment Events

We are ready to supply hospitality services in all events and entertainment festivals.

catering and partnership

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