We created Juice Blvd on clear grounds: fresh produce, juiced to the highest standards that preserve its nutritional value, and a harmony of ingredients in value and flavor.

Cold Pressed Raw Juice

If you had to pick an orange juice that’s hydraulically pressed, or an orange juice made using a blender, which one would you choose? Pressed, of course! but why?

Conventional blenders (usually) use sharp blades to grind vegetables and fruits. The blades get hot as they rotate and force the juice into contact with the air. It is believed that the combination of heat and oxygen causes the nutrients in the final product to be broken down and thus do not get utilized properly.

In comparison, Cold press juicers use a hydraulic press, that squeezes ingredients slowly to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. With the juice separated from the insoluble fibers, this technique prevents additional heat or oxygen from being produced in the process and thus preserves the nutritional value better and for a longer time when compared to masticating juicers or centrifugal juicers.

You can use the orange juice example as a technique we use with all the ingredients used in Juice Blvd. We squeeze all our ingredients using the cold press method, or what is known in Arabic as “Kabs” to retain a richer nutritional value, enzymes, and probiotics. We also adopted in our products the selection of the best crops to reach the stage of “Farm to Table” and avoided preservatives, and added sugar.

From our family to yours.

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Why Juice Blvd?

Our primary investment is our selection of the best in the global juice market, and carefully selecting our ingredients to produce a different value.

Our Mission

At Juice Blvd, We provide our local community a convenient access point for raw, cold-pressed juices, rich in nutritional value, and delicious in flavor at the same time.

Our Vision

An Active community, that sources their food locally, physically active, happy with their appearance, and continuously consuming truly healthy products.

Cold Pressed Wellness


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